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Home Stay

Staying with a Nepali family at their home is a perfect way to see, experience and live the culture of Nepal. In this program you will be placed with a Nepali family in a rather small village a little farther from the city.  This will give you an opportunity to learn more about Nepali Culture and Lifestyle. Here, you must also try and share your own culture to the family that you are staying with. During your stay there will be at least 2 hours of language lessons in the morning and the afternoon. You can also make a visit to some nearby places which could include a local school or a village and can volunteer to help them out. Home stay programs are usually for just two weeks to a maximum of one month. The best time of his program is from August to December. This is a time for local festivals and a time where you can see perfectly what the aspects of Nepali culture really are.

Program Location
The orientation normally begins in Kathmandu and moves to the ancient historic city of Bhaktapur. You will have an opportunity to discover closely the valley of Kathmandu and visit the temples and walk around ancient narrow alleyways built upon old red bricks. You can also enjoy trekking and white water rafting. You will then be placed at one of the many project spots around the country which will help you gain a personal insight into the Nepali people and culture during your stay. The program locations are mostly available in places like Kathmandu Valley, Chitwan and Pokhara. These locations vary due to many issues. But they are mostly determined (on arrival) due to safety matters and availability.

It is up to the project staff and the volunteer to decide together on the most suitable placement, depending on your preceding proficiency and experiences, as well as your interests.

Program Requirements
Volunteers for a particular program must:

  • be of at least18 years or older
  • have no major health problems

It is important for volunteers to be independent, fervent and adjustable. Some of the programs require additional qualifications but most of the programs only require a sense of optimism and a drive to contribute something for a greater cause.

4-12 Weeks

Field Conditions
An integral part of Volunteer tours is Home Stay. This is in fact a perfect way of getting to know the culture of a particular place. Staying at home with a local family usually means getting into a simple way of living where the bed might not be too soft and the room may have to be shared with someone of the same gender. The water might not always be hot and there may not be electricity for a full 24 hours. However these things are a part of the people of Nepal and you will get to learn a lot of things from these simple people. Cooking in a way will help you learn how to cook amazing Nepali food. There are programs where guesthouse accommodation is used. It is to be understood that there may not be a lot of privacy in Nepal but you will be given your own space.